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Aéro Diffuser

Aéro Diffuser

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Implementing the latest ultrasonic Nano atomization technology, oscillate and decompose water into fine nano-class cool mist molecules, which can hold up to 300ml of water and produce up to 30-50ml of moisture per hour.

Convenient, space-saving, and USB powered, you can add essential oil into our mini diffuser for car/home or office to create a fragrant and tranquil environment.

Providing a refreshing and effervescent atmosphere for your liking.

INNOVATIVE AND UNIQUE - Our unique diffuser comes in a one-of-a-kind design that will fit into every space.

The soothing white led, and the shape makes this the perfect choice for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, office desk, yoga class, or even the baby's room.

B  E  N  E  F  I  T  S:


✅  Removes Unpleasant Odors - removes foul smells like cigarette smoke, pet odors, and more

✅  It Functions As An Electric Car/Home  Air Refresher & Humidifier

✅  Two Mist Mode - press the button once, it will continuously spray for 4 hours. When you press again, and it will intermittently spray for 6 hours.

✅  Prevent Static Electricity And Dust At The Same Time.

✅  Enchanting 7 Color Changing Light - 7 soothing colors, gentle light presents romantic and pleasant enjoyment. Set the mood and lighting with your choice of 7 colors, or turn off all lights for total darkness. Can also be used as a night lamp or atmosphere lamp

✅  Automatic Shut Off Safety System When Waterless - the built-in sensor probe device will automatically cut off the power to prevent damage to the humidifier due to dry burning

✅  Easy To Use - one-button controls for all functions, you simply need to press one button to set the mist and night light. Make your life easier!

✅  Equipped With Water Filter Cotton

✅  Made of BPA-free material so it is great for adults & children

✅  USB power source 



⭐ It’s great for your houseplants - to survive (and thrive), plants need water from their soil and the air. Dry air may leave your plant shriveled up.

 Saving you money on utilities - the more humid the air in your home is, the warmer it can feel. In the cold winter months, most will probably spend more on heating expenses. Operating a humidifier may cost less than using your heating system and can make the air feel warmer.

 Reduce static electricity - a little moisture in the air may help alleviate this annoyance. 

⭐ Air conditioning dries out your home’s air - using a humidifier may help counteract this. If you live somewhere with dry air, a humidifier might be good to use year-round

Humidifiers become an indispensable lifestyle product when living in a dry air environment.


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