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Color Changing Trunks

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Color Changing Trunks are a vibe, 
eye-catching and the life of the party!
Meet the Color Changing Trunks - aka, the life of the party trunks!
What makes the Color Changing Trunks Different? 
Upgraded Design: 
Make a splash in a color changing swimsuit! The future is here! And it looks magical! Color changes are based on the temperature of the water.
2 in 1 Fun & Fashion: 
Once the color-changing swim shorts or swim trunks get warm again, then they will revert to the original color. There’s nothing better than mixing it up on your adventures to tropical places or day-long pool parties. 
Love it or your money back, guaranteed.
Who Can Use the Color Changing Shorts?
Adults and Kids!
Ideal for people who don’t mind being the life of the party.
Have fun looking and feeling good!
Fun to Use: 
Color-changing swim trunks are swim shorts that change color on purpose.
These are for those that are truly playful and want to have a bit more fun than usual when swimming around the beach or at the pool party.